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In 2003, YuexIn Global Logistics Co., Ltd was founded, the company have developed themselves as an integrated logistics supplier that mainly focus on the supply chain management solution.

In 2004, we set up a branch at Xingang port of Tianjin, with the customized service for loading, lashing, etc.

In 2005, we established “cArgotrack” System in E-business, at the same year, by absorbing the advanced experience abroad, we set up branch in Shanghai, aiming to develop the market in auto parts field. 

In 2006, we set up Research Center in in Sheffield, U.K. for Supply Chain Management Project.  

In 2007, we set up the specialized subsidiary company in Detroit, MI, U.S. for VMI project, focusing on providing customized service for client in auto parts field.

In 2008, we adjusted the main service field, develop Auto Parts, Oil Equipment, Steel Products and Building Materials as core business fields.

In 2009 we set up subsidiary company in Chennai and Mumbai, India responsible for the depth of research of “cArgotrack” and updated the system to “VMITRACK” that used for the global logistics tracking and local VMI warehouse supporting services.

In 2010, we founded branch in Qingdao, China, provide comprehensive logistics services with depth for local customers.

In 2011, YuexIn Global Logistics was awarded as "Small Giant of National Science and Technology Enterprise" 

In 2012, we set up the specialized subsidiary company in Los Angeles, CA, U.S., focusing on the general control of logistics cost in U.S..

In 2013, YuexIn Global Logistics was listed in companies of Tianjin Equity Exchange, became the only listed company of the year in the Northern China.

In 2014, we signed "Academician Workstation" agreement with the government experts, founded logistics academician workstation officially in Tianjin, searching for solutions to decrease National Logistics Cost.

In 2015, YuexIn Ocean Project Department were founded in Huangdao of Qingdao, in order to provide the professional customized logistic service for the clients in oceaneering.

In 2016, YuexIn Global Logistics was accredited for ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001

In 2016, YuexIn Global Logistics was award “National Advanced Logistics Enterprise” by government department.

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